Wednesday, March 13, 2019

More Bait and Switch Price Fraud at eBay

I thought it would be cool to get one of the new Stephen Hawking themed 50p coins from the UK, and went to eBay to see what they're selling for:

Not being a collector of fine coins, just someone who thinks it would be cool to have a particular coin, I hoped that the $1.30 price represented a non-mint/circulated coin (face value of about 65 cents US), with the $20 US range being for mint/uncirculated.

Well, no. The $20 coins are indeed uncirculated. The $1.30 coins aren't coins. They're "mintage guides" (papers about coins).

But because these sellers had something in their listings priced at $1.30-$1.36, even though that thing wasn't the thing actually advertised, they showed up at the top of price-sorted listings for the thing advertised.

Scummy and dishonest and as I've said before, eBay should boot sellers who pull this kind of shit off their platform.

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