Sunday, January 06, 2019

Trump Continues to Make the Case that He's a War Criminal

Back in November, I pointed out the implications of treating immigration as an "invasion," as Donald Trump has done both rhetorically and in action (by sending troops to the border with Mexico):

"Invasion" connotes war (or, in international convention terms, an "international conflict"), which means that when US forces launched a chemical weapons attack across the border into Mexico, they committed a war crime under the Chemical Weapons Convention -- and brought themselves under the Rome Statute/International Criminal Court's jurisdiction for trial on related charges.

Now Trump is doubling down -- considering declaring a national emergency so that he can use military funding to build his Berlin border wall.

I agree with Trump on this much: Forcibly impeding immigration is war.

Which means that you can be anti-war or you can be anti-immigration-freedom, but you can't be both.

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