Monday, January 07, 2019

Some Unsolicited Advice to @RealDonaldTrump on the "Shutdown"

One of the ways The Swamp acts to get people on their side during these "government shutdowns" is to raise the specter of a delay in issuing income tax refunds, because, you know, the IRS is short-handed.

Right now, about 12 percent of IRS staff are expected to continue working through a shutdown, according to the agency's plan, which means certain functions such as answering taxpayer questions would be curtailed. The IRS is still working on contingencies if the shutdown continues. ... A spokesman for the IRS would not speculate on how long the shutdown would have to last in order to result in a delay of refunds.

As chief of the executive branch -- of which the IRS is a part -- President Trump should order the IRS to have that 12% of IRS staff working on processing income tax refunds. And to free them up, he should order a stop to the "non-essential" activity of income tax collections. That is, simply stop withholding for the duration of the "shutdown."

And, instead of government employees getting paid for the time they worked (or didn't work) during the "shutdown," taxpayers should be held exempt for any and all tax liabilities supposedly accrued during said "shutdown."

I doubt that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will like the idea very much.

You're welcome, Mr. President.

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