Monday, January 07, 2019

A Social Media Feature I'd Like to See

Most social media sites have two features that address people whose stuff you'd rather not look at:

  • "Block," which means you aren't "friends" (or whatever) any more and they can't contact you, show you stuff, etc.
  • "Mute," which allows you to remain "friends" (or whatever), but keeps their 3,000 posts a day from showing up on your timeline.

I'd like to see something in between.

I won't name the network or the poster, but there's a guy who posts interesting stuff. Problem is, he posts something like 50 items an hour.

I think it would be neat to have a per-"friend" (or per-"whatever") gizmo -- "winnow" -- that shows you posts you're specifically tagged in, but otherwise has a slider letting you set the percentage of the "friend's" (or whatever's) posts you see. So I could say I only want to see 20% of your posts, or 50%, or whatever. That way remain more "in touch" than we would if I "muted" you, but not so much "in touch" that you crowd everyone else out.

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