Saturday, January 05, 2019

But Hey, Why NOT a Second Post for the Day ...

... because when I sat down to do the last one I was drinking a cup of coffee, and that got me thinking about one of the "for the whole family (or at least those of us who drink coffee)" Christmas presents:

That's not an affiliate link if you click through on the image, btw. I haven't been an Amazon affiliate in years.

Anyway ... I had been thinking about a K-Cup type coffee brewer for a little while. I bought one of these for my brother for Christmas. He liked it, so I got one for us as well. Much less expensive than the Keurig brand, and it works just fine.

Why a K-Cup brewer? Well, Tamara likes her coffee weaker and I like mine stronger, so one of us was always going to be unsatisfied when the other one brewed up a pot. Now we can just make our coffee one cup at a time. She can put more water in hers and I can put less in mine. Everybody wins!

We picked up some cheap pre-made K-Cups of various strengths/flavors and they're fun (Walmart has a medium dark roast with 1.75 times the normal caffeine -- hooray!), but we also got some of those little K-Cup shaped thingies that you can just put your regular old coffee in and will probably mostly just do that.

Anyway, if you've been thinking K-Cup but blanch at the name brand price, this less expensive little machine seems to be a winner.

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