Monday, January 07, 2019

Things I Like to Hear ...

We can handle a month or two, but if it gets much longer than that, I’m going to look for another job -- a job in the private sector.

That's a federal prison employee in Florida. In addition to the "government shutdown" being about to affect her pay, she's been commuting seven hours each way to work (and staying there for two weeks at a time) because "her" prison sustained hurricane damage and the prisoners got moved to Mississippi.

Here's another federal tax eater, at another federal cage farm in Florida, moaning about how awful it is that the prisoners still get to eat while he may not get a paycheck on Friday.

Maybe he'll abandon the thug life for a job in the productive sector, too.

How about a mass "we saw the light, came to Jesus, and are changing our ways" walkout? Leaving the cells and gates unlocked as they leave would be a nice touch.

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