Sunday, October 23, 2016

Strangest Event of my Weekend

I spent yesterday at the Gainesville Pride festival doing several things -- my church had a booth, as did "a community group for Transgender or Gender non-conforming individuals, or family/friends of such people who would like to be supportive in their loved ones' journeys" that Amelia and Tamara helped found and are active with, and then I ran across Russ Wood staffing a Libertarian Party booth all by his lonesome and spent a couple of hours helping out with that (yes, you read it here first -- I campaigned for Johnson/Weld after all).

So anyway, at some point I was standing around eating after visiting one of the food tents and I saw a woman who looked familiar. I was sure it couldn't possibly be her; for one thing, she actually looked younger in person than on television or in photographs ... but several people stopped her and got their pictures taken with her, so maybe it was.

So I finished my food and waited until she walked past, and asked "excuse me, ma'am, are you ...?"

She is.

So now I've met the first person whose full name pops up when I type the word "Debbie" into Bing. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone before whose first name makes her a top search result.

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