Thursday, October 20, 2016

Reader Cross-Check: Real Tracking or Just Promotional Flash?

I occasionally get emails with subject lines like this one this morning from a group called, aka the Progressive Turnout Project:

Asking you to represent 32608 [Survey ID: #182390]

My ZIP code is in fact correct in the message. But I'm wondering if that Survey ID number really is an individual tracking number or if it's just something thrown in there to make the "survey" (which is actually just clickbait based on the final "debate" to get me to donate in putative support of a Clinton victory) look authentically personalized.

Did you receive that email this morning? If so, what was the Survey ID number? Please share in comments. If we all have the same Survey ID number, we'll know that part is just promo flash BS. If don't, then the question remains: Real personalized Survey ID number, or a script generating numbers at random?

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