Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Did She Really Say That?

You may have seen this by now. I've been hearing about it all morning:

Is it for real?

I've done various searches on the Wikileaks "Podesta Archive" looking for it. I've searched on the offending phrase. I've searched on the alleged sender. I've searched on the message subject. I have not been able to find the message.

I've seen the screen shot linked in the tweet above all over the place. What I haven't seen is any evidence that it's real. I haven't seen a single link to the alleged source email.

Developing ...

UPDATE: Thanks to James M. Ray for finding the actual email, which actually says what the screenshot says it says. And thanks to Nicholas J. Sarwark for providing the context: "It's a translation of a Hebrew language op-ed by [David] Grossman condemning the Israeli people for hard-heartedness. Not her words and used in a pro-Palestinian context."

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