Wednesday, October 26, 2016

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming ...

... for Hillary Clinton. From the latest installment in the Wikileaks Podesta emails dump, we learn:

  • That Huma Abedin and other staff were, at least as of the time of the early Democratic primary debates, worried that Clinton's ongoing problem with brain damage would make it hard for her to handle the questions;
  • That Clinton's staff were worried that US president Barack Obama would get caught in his lie about Clinton's illegal private email server (he claimed to have only learned about it at the same time as the public, when he had actually been exchanging emails with her over it long before); and
  • More about Clinton's solicitation of a $12 million bribe from the king of Morocco (laundered through the Clinton Foundation) in exchange for a visit from the Secretary of State (Clinton didn't stay completely bribed; the king got his visit from Bill instead of from Hill).
But pay no attention to the actual content of the emails. The only thing you're supposed to care about is Clinton's breathless (and thus far evidenceless) claims that !!!THEM DASTARDLY RUSSIANS!!! are the the ones who keep outing her as the pathological liar and career criminal she is.

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