Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thanks For Asking, 05/25/16

This week's AMA post/thread and the podcast to follow are, as per usual, brought to you by Darryl W. Perry ...

... but this week things are a little different.

Usually, I invite you to ask me anything -- anything! --  in the comment thread below this post, and promise to answer your questions in the comment thread, on the weekend podcast to follow, or both.

This week, there will be multiple podcasts starting as early as today (although more likely tomorrow), centering around and mostly from the 2016 Libertarian National Convention in Orlando Florida. So two things:

  • Instead of asking me questions, think of questions you'd like me to ask other people I might encounter at the convention. That could mean presidential or vice-presidential candidates, Libertarian National Committee members or candidates for LNC, Libertarians you know or have heard of, etc. Maybe you'd like to know whether national chair Nick Sarwark prefers boxers or briefs, or ask William Weld what his good friend Rudy Giuliani is really like, or whatever.
  • This week, I can't promise that your questions will be answered, since I'm not the one who'll answering them. I can't even promise that I'll be able to ask your question of the person it's aimed at, because I don't know who I'll run into (I suspect certain people will turn and walk the other way if they see me coming, especially if I have a camera or microphone in hand).

Oh, and a third thing -- if you're in Orlando, say hi! I'll be with the New Hampshire delegation when doing party business, and probably hanging out with the Perry campaign and/or the Radical Caucus peeps and/or George Phillies at other times.

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