Saturday, May 07, 2016

Do Any of Y'all Use an External Phone Keyboard?

I was trying to post stuff from a meeting today using my newfangled "smart phone." The biggest bottleneck was typing captions/tweets etc. on the onscreen "keyboard."

I've been trying to decide whether or not to pop $10-15 for a bluetooth keyboard to help with that kind of stuff, but I figure some of you have actually used the damn things and will be able to tell me whether they're worth messing with (for the sake of those who love me enough to blow money on a speculative thing for me just because, here's my Amazon wish list with one such keyboard on it, too late, someone already did, and thanks!).

I did manage to get a little proof of concept stuff done with the phone today -- taking photos at an event and sharing them via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Between that and the test podcast-from-phone a couple of weeks ago, making good progress. All that's really left is choosing a service for video livestreaming. I got a nice little phone tripod off of eBay that I will hopefully be able to use to good effect at the upcoming Libertarian National Convention.

As that convention approaches, I'll be creating a central page for all the good stuff, or pointing to some other venue where it will appear, such as Independent Political Report. or perhaps a purpose-built Facebook page. The idea is to hit you in various formats at one convenient location.

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