Thursday, March 07, 2013

You Know You're Living in a Distorted Economy When ...

  1. ... government-provided health care is more efficient than its "private sector" counterpart.
  2. ... Even the most "conservative" governors decide they're just fine with expanding government-provided health care, so long as the feds foot the bill and their corporate benefactors are allowed loot it by passing it through faux "privatization" schemes.
  3. The national health care program proposed by what Republicans (at least Republicans who are too young or too senile to remember Richard M. Nixon) call "the most left-wing in American history" turns out to be just another crap ton of corporate welfare.
But I guess all of that's to be expected given that there's been nothing resembling a free market in health care in America for more than a century. That has been, as they like say inside the Beltway, "off the table" for more than a century -- ever since the inception of medical licensure as a way of letting the doctors' guild use the state to artificially drive up doctors' wages and shut down their competitors.

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