Friday, March 22, 2013

Concern Pols Are Concerned

Despite the fact that there's precisely zero evidence that Iran's regime is interested in having nuclear weapons, and a good deal of evidence against the possibility ...

[C]oncern is growing about another rapidly advancing project that could supply plutonium for a nuclear weapon. ... The United States and its allies worry .... the reactor is "of increasing concern" .... Israel ... is even more concerned.

Most of this "concern" comes from:
  • The only country to ever use atomic weapons on another; and
  • A country already well-known to possess its own nukes but which has never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty (unlike Iran), does not comply in any way whatsoever with that treaty's requirements (unlike Iran), and allows precisely NO "international" inspection, regulation, etc. of its nuclear facilities (unlike Iran).
It reminds me of a joke that begins "So Typhoid Mary and Karl Genzken walk into an epidemiology seminar ..."

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