Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lanza v. Oswald

According to NBC News, investigators studying the Newtown school massacre have determined that gunman Adam Lanza conducted the killings in "a 154-bullet barrage that took less than five minutes."

Cue the "ban weapons that look military -- nobody needs a gun that can fire that fast!" propaganda.

But wait a minute ...

154 bullets in five minutes is a shot every 1.95 seconds. Lanza killed 26 people, taking about six shots to kill each one. And most of his victims were children pre-trapped in convenient kill boxes ("classrooms") for him.

Deutsch: Foto von Lee Harvey Oswald
Assuming that we believe the official account of the John F. Kennedy assassination, and accept the Warren Commission's determination of the maximum time from first to last shot, Lee Harvey Oswald managed a shot every 1.86 seconds and killed one person with three shots.

That's faster shooting and more efficient killing than Lanza managed. And Oswald did it with an old-fashioned bolt action rifle, from a much longer range, shooting at someone in a moving car and surrounded by armed guards.
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