Friday, March 22, 2013

That's Me, Always Trying Something New

It was a fast food Friday night tonight, and unlike the rest of the family I just didn't like the sound of McNastyburger. So I asked Tamara to run me a couple of blocks further to Falafel King. I generally like the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern foods I've tried, but I'd never had falafel.

Now I have. I ordered the falafel wrap, hold the pickles. Interesting. Not sure it's really my bag (kind of salty and the mix of spices didn't grab me; the next time I go I think I'll try their baba ganoush or a gyro), but it was interesting, the service was courteous, the food was made to order, not just grabbed from under a heat lamp, there was plenty of it for the price, etc.

It beat McNastyburger by a damn sight, anyway.

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