Monday, March 04, 2013

Just for the record ...

... I am not this asshat:

Last September, Alvin Schlangen was acquitted in Hennepin County, Minnesota of the following three charges: selling raw milk, operating without a food license, and handling adulterated food.

But in January he was brought up on six charges in his home county of Stearns, including the same three that were just dropped against him. Each side had a few weeks to submit letters, one of which was Alvin's attorney requesting to have the same three charges dropped.

Alvin is arguing that this is serial prosecution - I'm guessing a less severe form of what we might call Double Jeopardy. But Judge Thomas Knapp disagreed and said they were different "crimes," although similar, happening 10 days apart and involving separate foods.

Just sayin', as I wouldn't want to be mistaken for said asshat if someone decided to beat some sense into, or the tar out of, him.

Not that I'm encouraging that, mind you. Turning him out of office and ostracizing him with such thoroughgoing intensity that he moves, changes his name and changes his ways would probably be more effective remedies to his cranial-rectal inversion problem.

h/t: Thane Eichenauer

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