Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not Exactly a Prediction

More like an "I hope this is what's happening."

The government of Ecuador has granted political asylum to Julian Assange, who took refuge at their UK embassy awhile back after the UK's government announced its intention to hand him over to Sweden (pursuant not to an actual arrest warrant based on criminal charges, but because "authorities" want to "talk to him" about some "sexual misconduct" -- mischaracterized in the media as rape, but on the facts not even close -- allegations), which would almost certainly hand him over to the US so that he can be punished for embarrassing Hillary Clinton.

In response, the UK's government has threatened to invade Ecuador. Yes, really: They've threatened to "raid" Ecuador's embassy -- which is sovereign Ecuadoran territory under international law -- to abduct Assange. That's an act of war, period, end of story.

But what if Assange isn't at the embassy? What if he was smuggled out some time ago -- perhaps in a sealed diplomatic mail or records box -- and is maybe even now safely ensconced in an apartment in Quito?

Hopefully that's exactly what has transpired, and Assange and the Ecuadoran government are either awaiting his arrival in Quito to hold a press conference, or waiting to see if the UK embarrasses itself by following through on its threats only to find no Assange.

UPDATE, AUGUST 19: Well, no dice: Assange makes a short speech from a balcony at Ecuador's UK embassy. I suspect part of the problem with getting him out is that with balls as big as his, he must have trouble walking.

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