Monday, August 27, 2012

Comin' Atcha from the New Digs

I had a nice, long, boring post mostly written up on the new place, but an errant keystroke disappeared it somehow. So, shorter version:

After a month of involuntary wandering, we're in a new place -- a two-floor "town home." Nothing wildly upscale; built in the 1960s and reasonable well-maintained, etc. Somewhat more expensive than the previous house payments, but some utilities are included, maintenance is their job rather than ours,  it should be cheaper to heat and cool (being smaller and less drafty), and there are some nice amenities (including a cement pond, as opposed to the 3-foot vinyl pool that the old area's building inspector condemned as illegal because there was no "permit" and apparently to set up a kiddie pool you're required to have in-ground wiring installed for the filter pump -- yes, that is the kind of nonsense we've been putting up with in our previous town, which I personally have re-named "Pyongyang"). Here's an aerial:

The expenses aren't over, of course. We're still not completely moved (truck rental coming up for washer, dryer and other heavy/large stuff). Some of our old furniture is going to the curb and being replaced by less old furniture (we do the frugal thrift store thing; but we did splurge on new mattresses, since it was about time anyway and the hassle of moving them indicated "why not just go ahead with that?"). We're renting a storage unit for awhile so that we can more leisurely sort through "keep and move vs. throw away vs. donate" issues (a lot of books are going to be going, but heck, we were in transition to digital anyway). So, thanks to those who've been financially supportive of my various endeavors!

In theory, the cable guys can't come install stuff until Wednesday. But when I plugged the modem into the wall jack on a hunch, it worked. Don't know if that means our service has been "moved" or whether we're using a previous tenant's connection, but hey, it's the same company and we're paying for it, so ...

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