Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ad Hoc Symposium #3

The first two of these ad hoc symposia quoted Proudhon and Paine respectively, so I'm a little scared to throw something by little old me out beside those two luminaries. But a snippet from recent (private) correspondence kept dragging me back for re-thinking, and I'd like to see what others think, too.

So, apropos of Allison at Cato, the departure of Tucker from Mises to Laissez Faire Books, the departure of Richman from FEE to ??? ...

The "mainstream libertarian" tanks are moving from merely "mainstream" to "establishment." I think that's from a combination of hubris ("we've got a SEAT AT THE TABLE!!!") and addiction to "major donor" money that comes with implicit strings attached (don't go overboard criticizing corporate welfare, thou shalt not touch our intellectual property foundations, etc.). The question there is whether or not we let them take the label "libertarian" with them.
The anti-war right continues to be drawn into the black hole of paleo-conservatism.  The question there is whether the "anti-war" part can be rescued before that "movement" disappears inside its own event horizon.
And the "libertarian movement" proper is, for all intents and purposes, becoming identical with the libertarian left. The question there is how much of the existing "libertarian movement" can we peel off with us, rather than losing to the establishment and paleocon splinters?


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