Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Really Dig Being an Investment Banker

So far, I've made eight Kiva loans. Four of them have been repaid in full, and the other four are in various stages of repayment but all more than half-way there.

I've participated in financing two retail food outlets in Mexico and one in Nicaragua, and a food and soap outlet in Senegal. All of those loans are fully repaid. The loans still in repayment are a bee-keeping enterprise in Armenia, a carpentry/construction business in Iraq, a bakery in Mongolia and a food market in Sierra Leone.

I don't consider it "charity" or "altruism," even though the loans are interest-free. I get my money back, and the world's a slightly nicer place to live in.

Hey, why don't you join me in this thing? We can make good things happen.

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