Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wordpress Plug-in Bleg

I'm looking for something relatively simple, but from a little Googling (and searching via Wordpress's install utility) it seems that thing doesn't exist ... yet.

What I'd like is a plug-in that arranges images in the Wordpress "media library" in order by "most used."

Here's why:

Over at RRND, I try to accompany posts with 100x100 pixel "featured images" -- a writer's head shot, an organization's logo, that kind of thing -- whenever possible. I've been building my collection of images as I go.

Thing is, some "featured images" are naturally going to be used more often than others. Some authors and sites produce more content that gets linked/blurbed in RRND than others do. But when I click on "choose featured image" and go to my "media library," the images are displayed for selection in paginated form, last uploaded being first shown. That means I either have to page through the library looking for the image I want, or plug part of the image title into the search form.

It's not that it adds a lot of time to my workload -- mere seconds usually, as the things I look for most often are generally already in the search form, ready to auto-complete, or I remember the page they're on because I go there so often -- it's that it's ... not elegant. It seems to me that if I use a particular image twice a day, it should show up on the first page, versus an image that I used once, three months ago.

If there's a plug-in out there for Wordpress 3.x that does this, and if you know about it, I'd appreciate a note in comments.

If you're a plug-in designer, well, I'm not an angel investor, but if I find a plug-in useful I generally throw five bucks or so at its author. My guess is that a plug-in that does this (and maybe a few other useful things, but not some kind of godawful kitchen sink thing) would bring at least a few bucks, and lots of eternal gratitude, your way.

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