Friday, April 29, 2011

Someone came out the wrong end of the time tunnel

My (not quite) 10-year-old son apparently got his circadian rhythm from Venus, and his cultural dispositions from the mid-1990s.

He can't sleep unless he's tired, and often this means long nights, with him wrapping back around to a 10pm bedtime about once a week.

Which means he was up all last night, asking for my help on various projects.

Projects like installing OS/2 Warp on an old box he's been messing with, and setting up a Usenet reader on another machine. I think there was something about making a Windows 98 boot floppy in there, too. Oh, and he's been begging for the complete DVD set of "Full House."

His musical tastes, on the other hand, seem to have settled into a pattern from a couple of decades before that -- he digs Creedence [note: Upon reading this, he wanted it clarified that he just likes "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"] and ELO ["Mr. Blue Sky"]. I personally think he's in a better place on that front.

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