Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Check Out the Big Brain on Mitt!

His first order of business after formally establishing a 2012 exploratory committee seems to be staking out his claim as the sane candidate vis a vis "birtherism."

It's a smart move. It sets him apart from the "flirty with the birthers" GOP pack, and the only way that backfires is if a smoking gun turns up (unlikely, given that four years of all-out effort by the "birthers" has yet to produce a shred of credible evidence that Barack Obama is anything but a "natural-born citizen").

It also takes some of the edge off the first post-declaration wave of attacks. His primary opponents want to keep the discussion focused on Romney as godfather of ObamaCare. His "birther" statement preempts them. He's calling them crazy -- and forcing them to admit it by remaining silent, or prove it by responding.

Maybe this guy has more chops than I've previously given him credit for.

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