Sunday, April 10, 2011

About that there "Israeli genocide"

From anti-Zionist/anti-Israel folks, I frequently hear that Israel is engaged in "genocide" of Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza (I won't say "Palestinians," since Israelis are also Palestinians, or even "Palestinian Arabs" since many Arabs live in the 90% of Palestine that's part of Jordan).

Since I'm not omniscient, I can't completely discount the possibility that the Israelis faked the execution of Adolph Eichmann and retained him to craft a "final solution" to "the Palestinian problem." But if they did so, he failed to deliver anything like the results he achieved on behalf of the Third Reich.

US Population Growth Rate as of 2010: 0.977%
Israeli Population Growth Rate as of 2008: 1.8%
West Bank Population Growth Rate as of 2008: 2.25%
Gaza Strip Population Growth Rate as of 2008: 3.422%

Resolved, that if the population you're genociding is growing faster than your own, you're not doing it right.

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