Friday, April 15, 2011

Who Says Size Doesn't Matter?

The electronic cigarette battery on the far right is my new KR808D-1 auto "Mega." The one in the middle is the standard size (both batteries w/cartomizers attached for size comparison to cigarette). The "real" cigarette on the left is a "100." Sorry about the poor photo, I used my phone and had trouble getting the light right and keeping shadow off of it.

So anyway, the new one can do double duty as a baton if I ever get promoted to field marshal or drum major. Comfortable to hold, though, and longer-lasting (380 milli-ampere hours versus 280mAh).

Got it from Vapor Kings. Great price and fantastic service as always -- I ordered on the evening of the 12th, it arrived the morning of the 15th even at their cheapest shipping rate (US Snail 1st Class, $1.64). Highly recommended!

I'm not completely back off tobacco yet (I needed the new battery because one of my old ones finally died and the other has to charge for quite awhile after a few hours of use), but close and already feeling noticeably better. By the end of the weekend, I expect.

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