Monday, May 30, 2022

Libertarian National Convention Follow-Up: A Bit of Troubling Irony

As those who followed my live-blogging know, on Saturday the Libertarian National Convention voted that it is not bound by the bylaws and that it has a time machine which it can use to go back and make it so that Caryn Ann Harlos was never actually removed as LNC secretary.

The most obvious problem with that, to me, was that in declaring itself not bound by the bylaws, the convention was inherently declaring itself not the convention. At that instant, it became a mere mob of people milling around and shouting, with no authority to conduct convention business.

But of course, few if any will recognize that.

Here's the thing, though:

What the convention did, on behalf of Ms. Harlos and at her urging, was attempt to rectify history 1984-style to erase something that happened and pretend it didn't.

Ms. Harlos was removed as secretary, with full due process as required by the party's bylaws. Agree with why  she was removed or not, that happened. Period. It's a fact. Nobody has to like it. It's a fact whether anyone likes it or not, and nothing will change the fact that it is a fact.

And in addition to her current and past roles, Ms. Harlos is a member of, and last time I noticed chair of, the party's ...

Historical Preservation Committee.

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