Sunday, May 15, 2022

A Bit of Negativity, and Also Some Positivity

Early last week, two people in the household tested positive for COVID-19, another two pretty clearly had it despite one testing negative and one not getting tested, and I felt like my same old self -- kinda crappy, but nothing unusual in that regard.

As of yesterday, one of the two positive testees was still positive and the other negative -- and then our "free" government tests arrived in the mail.

Just ran one on myself:

That's a "no."

I'd say a week in close household contact with two confirmed and two almost certain COVID-19 cases without getting it is a pretty good anecdotal testimonial for the efficacy of the Novavax vaccine (of the four people who've had it, three are fully mRNA vaccinated, one un-vaccinated, with the un-vaccinated person having the worst symptoms -- fever as high as 102, etc.).

Tamara -- the symptomatic negative testee -- on the other hand, just tested positive on another of them there gummint tests. She's mRNA vaccinated and boosted.

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