Sunday, May 22, 2022

Just Finished My Latest Study/Trial ...

... which is my second for Radicle Science (not an affiliate link).

This was a trial for improving sleep quality. I took the substance every day per the study directions.

What did I receive/take?

It may have been a single agent, CBD or melatonin.

Or it may have been a combination: CBD + CBN,  CBD + CBN + Melatonin, CBD + CBN + CBC, or Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate + CBN.

Whatever it was, I can't say that I noticed any improvement in my quality of sleep. As directed, I took it about half an hour before I planned to go to bed at night, with food, and didn't notice that I was any sleepier or less sleepy when I tucked in than usual, or that I got to sleep any more quickly or any more slowly than usual, or that I slept longer or for less time than usual, or that I felt any more or rested than usual upon awakening.

Now that I've completed the trial, some time soon Radicle will let me know what it was they had me take. 

I am hoping that it was not anything containing CBN, because based on conversations with friends it's supposed to be a real sleep improver and I've had high hopes for it. In fact, I was planning to buy some and then this study came up so I decided to wait.

I know that CBD improves my sleep (and slightly reduces my chronic nerve pain) because I've used it, both in a previous study and by purchasing it myself. So I'm guessing that I either got melatonin alone (in a low dose -- when I use it, I generally use 10mg before bed and it helps a little), or or very low dose CBD alone, or Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate + CBN with very little CBD in the "full spectrum hemp." But I guess I'll know soon.

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