Wednesday, January 12, 2022

When I'm Sick ...

... I do my bare minimum of work (Rational Review News Digest, Garrison Center columns if I'm not feverish or otherwise feeling mentally fuzzy, and some administrative work at

In between I either nap or play some relatively familiar, semi-mindless video game of the type that doesn't tax me too much and that will run on a Raspberry Pi without trying to use Wine or whatever. The past few days that game is Warzone 2100, a fairly decent stand-in for Starcraft, if you're interested in "real-time strategy." Oh, and oddly, instead of going to bed early, I go to bed a little later but seem to sleep harder and better (probably due to whatever medications I'm taking for feeling crappy).

I'm feeling a bit better the last 24 hours or so, though, so I'll probably let the game go for a few weeks or months -- I'm actually further into it than I've ever been before and up against a hard place anyway.

Instead of doing an extra post, I'll just throw a question I've been thinking about out there for my readers who are cryptocurrency fans: What do you think about Ravencoin?

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