Friday, January 14, 2022

The Reason I Asked ...

... in a previous post, "what do y'all think of Ravencoin" is that it at least seems suitable for a project I have in mind, of the "building the new society in the shell of the old" variety.

It's in the Molinari, de Puydt, et al. vein.

How might people go about building a panarchy while Westphalian Model nation-states still exist and zealously assert their claims/prerogatives?

It seems to me that Ravencoin (or some similar instrument ) would be suitable for creation of a blockchain-based "Bureau of Political Membership" based on tokens for ...

  1. Registration of polities, security/defense agencies, and arbitration agencies with the blockchain serving as a public database;
  2. Registration of personal affiliation claims with, submission to arbitration by, etc. entities in (1)

... might be valuable and should certainly be doable.*

Whether it's doable by me is, of course, a different question. But I want to get some distance down the track of overall design first, and once I'm convinced I have the idea licked, perhaps find some volunteers who are more well-versed in the technology to actually build it. And if it doesn't work out, well, it might at least provide useful lessons for later, better attempts.

The first step, it seems to me, is determining whether a particular instrument (in this case Ravencoin) is the right one, and if not to look at others. The obvious alternative is the ERC-20 standard, but I already see problems with that (for one, apparently tokens with identical names can be created; apparently that's not the case with Ravencoin).

Now that I've elaborated, perhaps someone will weigh in.

*Obviously the idea of blockchains as databases of political affiliation assumes that the Westphalian Model nation-states won't e.g. nuke us all back to the age of stone tablets as their final, dying act. That's not a safe assumptions. On the other hand, if it happens, we'll have bigger problems and having wasted some time on the blockchain idea probably won't be the worst of our regrets.

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