Saturday, January 08, 2022

Survey Says ...

... not COVID-19. One family member who had symptoms  (including fever) got tested on Thursday and got the results yesterday morning. Negative.

But last night, my temperature was 98.6  degrees (which is high for me). And this morning it's 99.0. 

So it's obviously still something.

There's good reason for my symptoms to be lagging other family members' -- they returned from a road trip last Sunday, and were presumably the ones exposed (I didn't go more than a hundred yards or so from the house while they were traveling and interacted at close quarters with a grand total of two people, one of whom is a shut-in).

They brought something back, and I'm still not sure it isn't COVID-19, since someone they were visiting became symptomatic and then tested positive shortly after they left.

Not that I particularly fear COVID-19. But at the moment, influenza and "the common cold" seem to be the zebras to COVID-19's horses, so I'm thinking in terms of probabilities.

The good news is that the previously feverish family member seems to be out of those woods without ever having experienced especially severe symptoms.

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