Thursday, January 20, 2022

I'm Thinking About Abandoning the Raspberry Pi 4 ...

... at least temporarily.

It's fine for daily work. It's even fine for the type of casual gaming I do.

But apparently if I want to create and manage one or more cryptocurrency tokens, it's not up to the job.

Or, rather, the computer is up to the job, but the operating system isn't. The computer is a 64-bit machine, but there's not a stable build of 64-bit Raspbian, so the machine is operating with 32 hands tied behind its back. And most of the crypto software, including the Linux native Ravencoin wallet, seems to be 64-bit.

So I may just kick the weekend off by re-setting-up the boss tower PC one of y'all made it possible for me to buy a couple of years back.

And then I may see about setting the Pi up as a Lightning Network node. There's a 32-bit ARM version of that software available. But I'd need an external hard drive to store the blockchain on, and it's a lot of bandwidth for the initial blockchain download. That would probably bust my bandwidth cap. Fortunately, I know someone with the same bandwidth cap who probably doesn't use a gigabyte a month, so I could just set it up at their place and run it via remote desktop.

But that idea is secondary to figuring out this token stuff. Which I may learn by doing something more fun and flighty, and far less complicated, than the "panarchy token system" I've got a bee in my bonnet about.

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