Saturday, January 22, 2022

Kinda Faily

I booted up the Lenovo x86 tower today for the first time in ... well, quite some time, since I decided to try out the Raspberry Pi 4 as my daily driver machine.

Booted into Kubuntu, updated/upgraded everything ... and the next step, really, was trying to get a remote desktop program set up. No joy there. It kept supposedly installing Chrome Remote Desktop, and then saying I should wait for it to install. And most other options looked like they required paid subscription plans.

When I tried to reboot into Windoze to try things there, I couldn't select anything at the boot menu. Maybe because I had the mouse and keyboard plugged in via a USB hub, and maybe it needed a driver that wasn't loaded?

I'll mess with it some more tomorrow, probably. I probably have a spare mouse/keyboard lying around so I don't have to switch back and forth.

The goal is to get a remote desktop working so that I can just access the tower from the Pi. Then install the full Ravencoin package on the tower so that I can do token stuff. Not really a big hurry since the goal is more to mess around with creating/deploying/using a token than to implement the bigger scheme, which I don't really have worked out in detail anyway.

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