Wednesday, June 09, 2021

OK, I'm at Least Semi-Sold on Lightning Network

I just purchased an Amazon gift card via (that's an affiliate link -- if you spend $50, I get $5) using Lightning, and the transaction took about as long as a debit card transaction at a physical or online store.

On the front end, I'm not sure how hard it is to get into Lightning from the git-go, because I had a supporter holding my hand through my first set of transactions. But once you're in, it seems to me that Lightning does a decent job of fulfilling the "buy a Coke at a convenience store" function (fast transactions, low fees) that cryptocurrency has to be able to handle if it's going to be a widely adopted medium of exchange.

Also, having just spent $100 worth of BTC that way (to finish buying my PorcFest / ForkFest camping supplies, a new pair of shoes, etc.), I am fairly confident that it will go to the moon overnight. Usually it enjoys a big bump within 12-24 hours of me spending any significant amount.

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