Monday, June 07, 2021

I'm Not Sure I Miss it Very Much

Facebook, that is.

The other day, I found myself logged out and unable to log in. It kept telling me that there was no account associated with my email address or phone.

Eventually, I got an email from Facebook to the effect of "we see you're having trouble logging in, let us help." I was able to get back in and "secure my account" (password change, etc.). There were a couple of spam posts from when I was not able to get in, indicating, I guess, that my account had been compromised somehow.

Then it happened again on (IIRC) Saturday. I did manage to get back in on my phone, but despite all kinds of cookie deletion, cache clearing, etc., on my computer Facebook still exists there's no such account as mine (even though it keeps sending me email notifications of friends' posts, etc.).

While I find Facebook useful for a number of things (including keeping in bare touch with old but physically distant friends), if this keeps up I'll just stop bothering with it.

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