Monday, June 21, 2021

Behind, But Not Really

Yes, I am behind on my "average one blog post per day" goal ... for June.

But I'm past 180 posts for the year because I stayed ahead of things for the first five months of 2021.

Got several things going on that don't lend themselves well to blogging daily.

One of them is preparing for travel (if you're going to be at PorcFest on or after Thursday, or at ForkFest for the first day or so of that, let me know and we can get together!). Back in the day, I went a lot of places all the time. These days it's kind of rare, so I obsess over planning, packing, etc. for days or weeks ahead.

The other is the current situation in the Libertarian Party, where Facebook feels like the more natural venue for talking smack, etc.

But I do still hope to hit my 30 posts for June. Possibly with some pics from New Hampshire, etc.

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