Wednesday, June 30, 2021

A Suggestion for Future PorcFests

It's not like there aren't plenty of tools for people to find each other at PorcFest -- Facebook groups, Telegram groups, etc.

One problem, though -- I checked my phone very rarely while there. I suspect many others checked their phones infrequently, if at all.

PorcFest has a system for identifying attendees -- they've registered, paid for a ticket, and when they arrive they register and receive a bracelet to wear so that they can get into events and so forth.

I think it would be really nice if there was an opt-in system -- check a box during registration, maybe -- and a computer at the registration tent where any attendee could look up any OTHER attendee who had opted in. MAYBE even send a message to that other attendee if email addresses were part of the opt-in information set.

There were several people I wanted to see at PorcFest but just never ran into. If such a system had existed, I'd have looked those people up, and would also have opted in to allow other attendees to see which camp site I might be found at, that kind of thing.

Not a big thing, I guess, but it would be kind of cool. Rogers Campground is a fairly big place, PorcFest is a fairly large event, and randomly running into this or that friend turned out to not be as likely as I'd have expected.

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