Thursday, April 15, 2021


Bernie Sanders and Ro Khanna at WaPo:

President Biden’s announcement of a full withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021, is a courageous step ....

Er, no ... it's the US government reneging on its obligation -- undertaken more than a year ago by Biden's predecessor, and nearly completed by the time he took office -- to complete a full withdrawal of troops by May 1.

As I note in my latest column at the Garrison Center:

Nearly a year later, with the withdrawal nearly complete and only 2,500 US armed forces members remaining on Afghan soil, incoming President Joe Biden took the oath of inauguration and instantly began complaining that the May 1 deadline would be “hard to meet.” The claim is silly on its face. The US military is great at moving people. Eight months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, US Marines waded ashore at Guadalcanal. Five months after Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, the US had moved 697,000 troops to the theater of operations for what became Operation Desert Storm. For any competent commander, moving 2,500 troops from Point A to Point B is a weekend hobby project, not a major undertaking. All Biden had to do was give the order.
In my opinion, Biden has no intention of completing the withdrawal by September 11, either. I think he picked that specific date so that when he reneges yet again and the Taliban launch an offensive (if they don't just go ahead and do so immediately after the May 1 deadline is missed), he can try to link that offensive to the 9/11 attacks and lay some "they hate us for our FREEDUMB" bullshit on us.

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