Monday, April 05, 2021

I Don't Know if I'm in Love ...

... or just an obsessed stalker.

I've visited my local Guitar Center several times lately to visit this:

It's an Epiphone Hummingbird studio. $369, plus whatever they charge for one of those "if anything happens to this, we fix it or replace it" plans.

What I probably really ought to get is a solid-body electric, since I don't have a working one (my $95 Epi Les Paul II has electronics problems which I may or may not be able to fix).

But damn, I want this guitar.

As the only one of my father's sons who learned to play guitar, I was supposed to inherit his Gibson Hummingbird, but that ended up going to a nephew who richly deserved it and whose use of it ran more to Dad's liking (playing in church).

I keep visiting the store to noodle with this one, and it plays beautifully -- perfect intonation right off the rack, sweet, easy action, that definite "woody" country tone, etc. It's far nicer than what anyone could reasonably expect for the price.

I just need to figure out where the $500 or so to do it right (guitar, protection plan, and maybe a gig bag for my 20-year-old Epiphone PR-100 so that I can give this its hard case) comes from. And I think I will figure that out eventually.

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