Thursday, April 22, 2021

Poll (Possible New Blog Feature)

Some time ago, I flogged a possible new blog feature -- then the pandemic intervened and Regal closed all of its theaters. They're re-opening in Gainesville tomorrow and Regal Unlimited memberships are available (I'd need the "Plus" to do this at my nearest theater). Since I now have non-Tamara-dependent transportation, it looks like all systems go, but of course there's still the question of interest.

More details for the undecided:

I like to go to movies, but at $12.50 a ticket I don't go that often. With a Regal Unlimited Plus membership ($21 per month plus tax), I could see as many movies as I like.

My plan would be to see at least one movie per week (probably on Friday) and put up a spoiler-free mini-review (probably over the weekend).

Would I spend the $21 a month (plus the occasional very over-priced popcorn and soda) if I wasn't reviewing the films for you? Maybe, maybe not. Your interest or lack thereof is probably going to be the deciding factor.

So far as I can tell, the 1970 Album of the Week feature isn't that popular right here on the blog, but usually gets some Facebook and/or Twitter interest. And I like doing it. But it doesn't cost me $21 a month and a bunch of time away from home to do it. So I'd want to see more interest in this than I have to see in that (and I'm considering dropping that).

Vote your preference, and thanks!

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