Friday, April 23, 2021

1970 Album of the Week, April 23-29: I Looked Up, by The Incredible String Band

This is one of those weeks with no specifically dated 1970 album releases, so I'm filling in with a non-specifically-dated April release: The Incredible String Band's sixth studio outing, I Looked Up.

The ISB was never really very popular in the US. When their albums charted here at all, it was in the sub-150 area of the Billboard 200, while they fairly routinely broke into the top 40 on the UK Albums Chart. I Looked Up topped out at #30 in the UK and #196 in the US.

Band member Robin Williamson described I Looked Up as a "quickie" album, recorded while rehearsing for an upcoming stage show. That doesn't mean it's a bad album, though. Sometimes just whipping something out quickly gives it an extra energy. I especially like "Black Jack Davy," a take on the timeless "Raggle Taggle Gypsy" (Roud Folk Song Index song #1! Wow!).

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