Monday, April 05, 2021

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Yes, I'm going to keep talking about whether "vaccine passports" are like past authoritarian schemes to ghettoize scapegoats. And in this post, I'm going to ask a simple question:

Does anyone arguing otherwise even remember what life was like in the United States a year ago?

Remember when many, maybe even most, Americans were told they couldn't travel outside their homes except for specific reasons and to specific places?

I do. Even in relatively liberal (COVID-speaking) Florida, my county's government listed particular reasons I could leave my home and threatened me with arrest if I did so for other reasons.

Even in relatively liberal (COVID-speaking) Florida, my state's government set up highway roadblocks at the state's borders and stationed state police in the airports, decreeing that people from other particular states could not enter Florida without being imprisoned for two weeks.

And yet, only a year later, with such restrictions STILL in place in at last some states, I'm hearing people -- even Libertarians, who have sound ideological, as well as well-known historical, reasons for opposing these schemes -- say that no, of course, AMERICAN governments would never use authoritarian schemes like "vaccine passports" to control internal travel and ghettoize scapegoats, that's just silly conspiracy theorizing and that the comparison between the current authoritarian scheme and past similar authoritarian schemes is invidious.

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