Thursday, January 07, 2021

Who's In Charge? Who Knows?

Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He was supposedly set to flee Washington for Camp David, then supposedly canceled in favor of "hunkering down" at the White House.

Not to get all conspiracy-theoryish, but is there any particular reason to believe he's still doing anything resembling running the show?

I saw a headline earlier, didn't click on it, and can't find it now, but it went something like this: "Has the 25th Amendment already been invoked? They don't have to tell us." Is it possible that the cabinet has already informed congressional leadership that Trump is incapacitated and that Mike Pence is in charge?

Even if that's not the case, I'd be surprised if the man is making any real decisions right now. He's probably being told what's what by senior staff and perhaps Mike Pence, and he's probably signing what's put in front of him.

The next 13 days may become very interesting indeed. I'm not hearing a lot of Republican opposition to impeachment. The GOP's best chance for picking up a few pieces and reducing its time in the political doghouse is to distance itself from Donald Trump as much as possible. If the House impeaches, it seems to me that 17 Republican votes to convict might just be there.

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