Monday, January 18, 2021

Coherent "Messaging" is Obviously Not Someone's Strong Suit

Camera One:

Libertarians, in their desperate attempt to appeal to the left and follow the cultural zeitgeist (to hell), are calling Trump supporters terrorists, rioters, treasonists, stupid idiots, and all manner of insults. In four years, we will beg these same people to vote for us.  When we call half of the country stupid, we should think about what the end result might be. -- Angela McArdle, 01/13/21

Camera Two:

We need someone at the front of the national party who is not afraid to talk about issues that are controversial. We need someone who is going to make libertarian statements and not worry about offending the left, because why do we waste our time pandering and begging for votes from a group of people who ultimately aren’t going to like us? -- Angela McArdle, 11/08/20

Coddle the right even when doing so isn't libertarian; don't coddle the left even if doing so is libertarian.

McArdle is running for chair of the Libertarian National Committee on a campaign platform of "improving" the Libertarian Party's "messaging" (and, along with Dave Smith, Pete Quinones, et al., seems to think that the best messaging strategy is aping Mencius Moldbug's neo-reactionary twaddle about "cathedrals" and such-like).

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