Friday, January 08, 2021

Is "Libertarian" Border Authoritarianism a Progressive Degenerative Disease?

There seems to be a lot of overlap between:

  1. Otherwise seemingly solid libertarians who could never get their heads around the fact that "national borders" are gang turf lines / authoritarian collectivist fantasies, not real property lines, and
  2. Previously seemingly solid libertarians who succumbed -- at first claiming a bit of reluctance, but later completely to the point of obvious insanity -- to Trump Derangement Syndrome, positive strain.
By "completely to the point of obvious insanity," I mean weirdness like "the election was a coup by the Chinese Communist Party, Trump actually won because we waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant that" and "it was Antifa, not deranged Trumpists, who overran the Capitol."

I had held out (an increasingly forlorn over time) hope that even if they continued to cling to their pro-borders religion, they'd realize at some point that they were supporting a business-as-usual establishment progressive Democrat unconvincingly cos-playing as a Republican. The gun issue alone should have made that very clear. But the disease seems to be progressive and degenerative, and anecdotally border authoritarianism seems to have usually been the first visible sign of the condition.

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