Friday, January 08, 2021

1970 Album of the Week, January 8-14: Magic Christian Music, by Badfinger

Not every album of the week will be an album I loved before starting this feature. This is one I had never heard of. I'd heard of Badfinger, but had never been a fan. So I decided to give this one a listen, and it's pretty cool.

Unsurprisingly, seeing as how they were the first band signed by Apple Records (as The Iveys before a name change), and had songs produced by Paul McCartney and George Harrison, they sound a lot like the Beatles. That's not a bad thing. Not a great thing either, since if I want to listen to the Beatles, I'll generally just listen to the Beatles. But I don't feel like I want my time back after listening to the album or anything. It's pretty cool. Here's "Midnight Sun" (a 2010 remaster, if it matters) ...

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