Monday, January 06, 2020

Not Exclusively, I'm Guessing

At FEE, in a nice riff on Leonard Read's I, PencilBarry Brownstein writes: "Worldwide, over two billion cups of coffee are drunk daily, and over 125 million are employed in the coffee industry."

The population of Earth as of today according to Worldometers is ~7.55 billion.

So if Brownstein's number is correct, that means about 1 out of every 60 people on Earth works in the coffee industry.

That seems like a pretty large number to me. Presumably it includes e.g. baristas who also make and serve other foods and beverages; coffee machine makers who also make other appliances; coffee growers who also grow other crops or work non-farming jobs; etc.

Or I could be wrong. Coffee is pretty important.

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