Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Bot Prediction, Bot Confession

Bruce Schneier at The Atlantic:

They’re mouthpieces for foreign actors, domestic political groups, even the candidates themselves. And soon you won’t be able to tell they’re bots.

Prediction: If they aren't doing so already, bots will soon start populating their web/social media histories with posts complaining "I was accused of being a 'bot' the other day, LOL" and such. Of course, it doesn't clarify things much that there's always someone around to call you a "bot" for disagreeing with them about, well, anything.

Confession: Yes, I'm a bot. Not only is my entire blog history going back to 2004 and entire web history going back to 1993 or 1994 entirely made up, I have access to HAARP and have been using it to create false memories in your brain of having met me, etc. MWUHAHAHA! ALL YOUR IDEATION BELONG TO US!

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