Sunday, January 05, 2020

Hell Freezes Over

I agree with Lindsey Graham!

Graham suggests that the Senate should change its rules to get on with the impeachment trial that, constitutionally, is solely within its purview now that the House has passed articles of impeachment.

Yes, he's also preaching the garbage claim that the Senate's rules require some kind of "presentation" ceremony in which Nancy Pelosi does the chicken dance outside the Senate chamber or whatever.

The Senate rules require no such thing (they merely predicate the beginning of the trial on the appointment of House "managers" as prosecutors). Since the articles have been passed and Trump is impeached, anything else the House "gets" to do or "has" to do in the matter of the trial -- including providing prosecutors -- is entirely up to the Senate to determine.

Pelosi isn't holding the trial hostage. She has no power to do so. The Senate can hold the trial any time, and to an extent in any way, it damn well pleases.

It should do so ASAP.

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